Top 7 SEO Trends to Follow In 2020

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With SEO being considered as the most powerful tool to attract immense traffic and accelerate online visibility of the websites or web pages, enormous predictions have been made for the current year. Considering researches, 2020 is projected to witness companies to invest hugely in SEO tools and techniques.

While search engines getting smarter to enhance the search result quality, it is always recommended to keep pace with the new trends to stay ahead of the game. This article talks about top SEO trends for 2020 following which can help you optimize your search engine capabilities in drawing more traffic and online visibility.

1. Link building is the best bet.

Link building refers to the process to get external websites to link your website back. Effective link building not only drives referral traffic, but also helps in improving the website’s authority. Backlinks provide signals to the search engines that your website is a rich resource for citation. More the backlinks, more the earnings!

2. Mobile friendliness is the new game changer.

In 2017, Google announced the mobile-first indexing as test drive named as Mobilegeddon. While in 2019, it remained controversial to get adept to Mobilegeddon, 2020 is expected to consider the mobile indexing as the SERP ranking can also be evaluated based on the performance of mobile versions of the websites. Accelerated mobile pages or AMP have been introduced by Google that helps in loading the web pages four times faster than ever, while improving on the User experience. Henceforth, implementing AMP to your website can fetch you more traffic and higher page rank on SERP. As per a Google report, AMP framework has already been adopted by over 900,000 domains.

3. Voice search is hotter and trending.

With the launch of Siri and Cortana, the voice recognition is the most trending area in SEO that continues to grow with voice recognition tools. This has led to the drastic shift of search queries from conventional text-based to the voice search. It can be effortlessly achieved by incorporating long-tail keywords, using more natural language, having an FAQ page, taking care of local SEO and adapting to the user’s needs while offering optimized solutions.

4. The popularizing progressive web apps

PWAs or Progressive Web Apps are the web applications that seem like native mobile applications but actually are the web pages. PWA is the modernistic way to enhance user experience on the web. With Google’s initiative, PWAs are gaining popularity and are expected to become the Global standard for mobile apps as they are reliable, respond quickly to the user interactions, and seem like a natural app on the mobile devices while delivering immersive User experience.

5. Consider structure to data more seriously.

Effective Search experiences and various SERP features are structured data-based, the accurate markup can help you rank the highest and top the list in SERP to acquire enhanced traffic, trust and visibility across the internet. To explore this opportunity, it is evident to learn and understand the available schemas and create the sitemaps considering all vital schemas.

6. Spend wisely on the crawl budget.

Crawl budget refers to the number of pages crawled by Google on your website on a particular day. The crawl budget is determined by the size, number of links, and the ‘health’ of the website. Optimizing your crawl budget can boost your page ranking and indexation. This can be easily achieved by getting rid of the broken links and ensuring that no unnecessary redirect chain exists. It should be ensured that crucial pages are crawlable for search engine spiders and your sitemap should be tidy.

7. Optimize your content beyond keywords. Content is the king and always will be. To take the Search Engine Optimization to a new level, apply the new approach to your good old content. It is advised that you reconsider the keyword research routine and despite focusing on the number of keywords, try to analyze the user’s intent behind the targeted queries. Google promotes the use of keywords in a natural manner rather than stuffing and using them relevantly in context to the topics.

Top 7 SEO Trends to Follow In 2020
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