8 Smart Strategies for Effective Off-Page SEO in 2020

8 Smart Strategies for Effective Off-Page SEO in 2020

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most powerful and proven technique for improving the web traffic to a website. The rank placement of a website in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) offered by various web browsers such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others is accountable to draw traffic to a website and effective SEO can place your website on the top most listing on the SERP. Off-page SEO helps your website get more visibility on the internet and improve the website ranking in SERP.

Let’s explore the top 8 0ff-page SEO smart strategies that help you stay ahead of the game in improving your website ranking and visibility worldwide.

Get Social: Now-a-days, social media platforms are the cheapest and quickest way to engage the web visitors. Using social media platforms efficiently can help you in brand building by winning the trust of your visitors that can add to the authority of your website. Search engines consider also consider the social media signals while ranking a website. You can use multiple social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ and many more to share the content pertaining to your products and services to attract relevant and huge traffic to your website. Building social communities over diverse social platforms also contributes in building authority and trust of the websites.

Get Active on Forums: Forums are the most impactful way to engage with likeminded people in your corner. Communities or forums enable you to share your knowledge and expertise by answering questions that generate rich quality audience with dofollow backlinks. If used smartly and actively, forums and communities can prove to be the best resource to boost your visibility and traffic immensely.

Share Articles: You can effortlessly get worthwhile do follow backlinks by just sharing your articles and writeups on renowned article submitting platforms. Sharing articles is the most authentic way to generate enhanced value of your blogs. EzineArticles.com, SearchWarp.com, eHow.com, ArticlesBase.com and HubPages.com are some of the top-ranking free article submission websites that can help you get greater value for your blogs.

Consider Directory Submission: Gaining authority of your website and getting good traffic with higher-rank on Google SERP, consider submitting your blogs in eminent business directories. A range of blog directories across the internet that allow you to submit and list your blog link, but is not easy to find a business directory having good domain and page authority.

Leverage the Q&A Platforms: Did you ever know that answering questions on platforms like Yahoo answer and Quora fetch you great backlinks and huge traffic? The question and answer platforms like these are group of online communities that allow people to ask their queries and get them resolved by the niche experts. You can also answer people looking to their queries to be resolved pro-actively and get immense backlinks to your websites thereby accelerating your blog readers on the go.

Upload Videos on Youtube: Another way to get more traffic to your website and improve visibility is to share the ideas in the form of videos. Multimedia and visualization is the most creative way to build audience. Youtube, being one of the most widely embraced video streaming platform by Google, own a good authority as compared to other video streaming websites.

Post as a Guest Blogger: You should also o guest blogging, which means to posting articles on other’s blog platforms to get a backlink. Guest blogging is a proven off-page SEO technique that help in getting high-quality dofollow links.

Share Documents: Document sharing makes the off-page SEO more powerful. Various document sharing websites like LinkedIn’s Slideshare allow you to upload your ideas as ProwerPoint presentations (ppt) or pdf files that facilitate in getting dofollow backlinks and optimizing the keywords.

8 Smart Strategies for Effective Off-Page SEO in 2020
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